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Catfish • Shrimp • Oysters • Crab • Gumbo • Po'boys • Grilled Fish and MORE!

Where we catch our fish

Our fresh oysters on the half shell are from the Gulf of Mexico. Primarily, farmed off the Mississippi and Louisiana coasts. The same goes for our fried oysters.

We proudly serve Brown Shrimp which is caught in the Gulf of Mexico off the Mississippi and Louisiana coasts.

The majority of our grilled fish is farm raised in the USA. Our Red Snapper and Grouper which are caught in the waters of South & Central America. Our Grouper is also occasionally caught off the coast of Florida and the Mid-Atlantic states.

We take great pride in serving only the best catfish. All of our catfish is farm raised in Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, USA!!

Our Billy Bass on the walls come from all over the country, and they are delivered with love and care from our loyal customers like you!